Made of quark and traditionally coated with chocolate or caramel, this perfectly sized sweet snack is a dreamy crossover between a cheesecake and an ice cream, best served straight out of the fridge.
KellyBars are produced in Saaremaa, an ecologically pristine island in the Baltic Sea.
Our bars
The snacks are based on quark bars that have been a popular snack in Estonia for more than 70 years and consumed more than 60 million times annually.

Who is Kelly?

Kelly Sildaru is an Estonian freestyle skier. She is a Free Ski Half-Pipe world champion and the youngest gold medalist to date at a Winter X Games event.

Why quark bar?

Quark is a fresh dairy product that has very mild and creamy taste. It’s made from fresh milk and compared to other dairy products is low in calories and high in protein!