What is quark?

Quark is a fresh dairy product that has a very mild and creamy taste. It’s made from fresh milk and compared to other dairy products is low in calories and fat!

Quark is officially a cheese, thanks to its soft dairy nature and it looks a little bit like yoghurt.

Why is quark the next big thing in nutrition?

Quark is healthy thanks to its high ratios of protein. This means it is really filling without being as fattening as ingredients like cream. It’s also high in calcium to help with keeping bones, hair and teeth healthy.

Quark packs a lot of Vitamin A, which can help eyesight and contains plenty of B vitamins, which support our nervous systems. Quark itself is also a source of Vitamine K2 that helps to keep calcium in your bones

It is a healthier alternative to snacks, both for you and your kids!